Carlo Joaillier

From: 10:00 am to 11:00 pm

First Floor 117


Nearly half a century ago, Carlo Aiello, an Italian expat consumed by his love affair with precious stones, introduced the finest in diamonds and dazzle to Egypt. Carlo's name soon became synonymous with fine jewellery. Egypt's finest would soon consider him the premier trader for all things precious.

With the passage of time, a foray into retail would seem like a natural progression. So in 1996, Carlo joined forces with his sons Giovanni and Giampaolo establishing the first Carlo Joaillier showroom.

Carlo Joaillier is a space in which each piece is hand-picked to ensure the highest-quality and were beautiful international brands shine alongside the Aiello family's own exquisite jewellery lines. Indeed, the family's passion for impeccable designs, quality craftsmanship, precious stones and gold has made their name the most trustworthy homegrown brand in luxury jewellery. 

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